Featured Testimonials

Cynthia Greenwald -

"James at Barefoot Cleaning is one of the most professional and perfectionistic individuals I have had the pleasure of hiring.

My house, sidewalks, and driveway were in dire need of pressure cleaning

and, as is my custom, I did a comparison of several different companies.

There was no comparison between Barefoot Cleaning and its competitors. 

James sent me a very detailed message explaining his method, the cost, etc.

When I made the arrangements for the cleaning, he sent me a text verifying the appointed timer.

Further, he was running five minutes late because of traffic and, amazingly, texted me to that effect.

Sure enough, he was five minutes late. I've never had anybody let me know that there would be such a small delay.

My plan was to re-paint several sections of the house as I had been told by James' competitor that it would require me to do so.

Shockingly, after seeing the results of my freshly pressure cleaned house, it looked so wonderful that there was no reason for me to re-paint anything.

Not only did James ensure with his co-worker that everything we had discussed, he went above and beyond.

Most companies pressure cleaning a sidewalk do not even think of pressure cleaning the concrete on the easement/street side, but mine was done.

He even pressure cleaned my mailbox.

When I had arranged for him to pressure cleaning my backyard patio, without even asking him, he did sections of the skirt of my screened-in porch that I never even asked him to do. I assume that he did it because it would make the rest of it shine.

When my husband came home and saw the results, he was absolutely blown away.

The price he quoted was very competitive. 

James understands that if you do a great job, surpassing expectations, you WILL create your customer base that will continue to give the business for any future needs.


For ANY pressure cleaning in the future, there is only one company I will call, and that is Barefoot Cleaning."