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Cleaning Services Offered

At Barefoot Cleaning LLC, we offer a large selection of cleaning & maintenance services.


Our team of experts are certified in performing the following task below for both commercial and residential properties in the Central Florida area. 

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Experience pristine cleanliness with our Tile & Grout Cleaning service, tailored to your needs. Choose between our specialized options: ceramic and porcelain washing or our meticulous natural stone treatment.

Man Vacuuming

Elevate the look of your interiors with our Spot Removal service. Expertly designed to tackle stubborn spots and stains on both carpet and furniture, we ensure a refreshed and impeccable finish.

Carpet Vacuum

Experience a deeper level of cleanliness with our Steam Cleaning service. Specifically tailored for carpets, we utilize high-quality steam techniques to rejuvenate and refresh your flooring.

James Hill Pave & Sand.jpeg

Transform your outdoor spaces with our Sanding and Sealing Pavement service. We meticulously sand and seal your pavement, ensuring a revitalized appearance and extended longevity.

Sleeping Dogs

Reclaim the freshness of your living spaces with our Odor Cleaning service. Specifically designed to combat and remove stubborn pet and smoke odors, we ensure a breathable, pleasant environment.

James Hill Pressure Washing.jpeg

Elevate the appearance of your exteriors with our Pressure Washing service. Expertly executed on sidewalks, driveways, houses, and beyond, we strip away dirt and grime for a revitalized and clean finish.


Rediscover the original beauty of your rugs with our Rug Cleaning service. Catering to rugs of all sizes, we ensure a thorough and gentle clean, restoring their vibrancy and charm.


Revitalize your furniture with our Upholstery Cleaning service. Designed to deep clean and refresh, we meticulously treat each piece, bringing new life to your cherished furnishings.

James Hill Roof Cleaning.jpeg

Elevate the appearance and longevity of your roof with our Roof Cleaning service. Dedicated to meticulously removing dirt, moss, and debris, we ensure a clean and well-maintained rooftop.


Protect your home's foundation and walls with our Gutter Cleaning service. Specializing in the thorough removal of debris and obstructions, we ensure efficient water flow and a longer-lasting gutter system.

Flood Insurance

Respond swiftly to water emergencies with our Water Extraction & Drying service. Catering to all urgent situations, we efficiently extract water and expedite the drying process, mitigating damage and restoring safety.

Outdoor Movie Screening

Experience movies with unparalleled clarity with our Screen Cleaning service. Specially designed for movie theater screens, we ensure a spotless, lint-free display for the best cinematic experience.

Satisfaction Guarantee

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